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  • FAR® FHU-05 Structural Rivet and Lockbolt Tool


    FHU 05 – Tool for installing lockbolts (pin&collar) and structural products The FAR® FHU05 is a heavy-duty production tool for installing Structural rivets and Lockbolts. The tool-head accepts a wide range of nose assemblies which can be quickly changed to suit Magna-Grip, Maxlok, Avdelok, BOM and C6L. The FAR® FHU05 boasts more traction power than…

  • LH-224 Structural Rivet and Lockbolt Tool


    DESCRIPTION Huck Gun- LH-224 The Huck LH-224 is a lightweight high speed workhorse that is suited for both production and repair work. A rugged die cast aluminium body with internal wear resistant surfaces and high performance seals that require minimal maintenance. This should be your first choice when installing Hucks. The tool allows for the…